(without years of therapy...)
Leslie Huddart L.Ac.
Subtle Body Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist,
Spiritual Guide
"I noticed my anxiety is less when I went back to visit my family and everyone noticed I was calmer and more sure of myself. 
Both my siblings were impressed with my communication and ability to speak my mind freely and wanted to know my secret."
"I have a lot less anxiety I’m just calmer and more peaceful in my everyday life. " 

                                                            -Katie G.
to become a more grounded person.
Ancient healing traditions understood that our ability to be grounded, productive, happy human beings involves more than just the thinking mind.
This explains why you can know in your mind that you don't want to think or act a certain way...
...but somehow you can't help yourself, and you end up repeating old patterns of behavior. 
It doesn't have to be this way!
You CAN become a naturally more grounded, happy person
by following a specific process for affecting your entire Mind-Body system, and not simply your mind. 
That's why I created:
30 Day to a More Grounded You
a specially designed, three phrase audio program to help you systematically train your Mind-Body system into a more grounded state from the inside out. 
Leslie Huddart L.Ac. 
Healer and Spiritual Guide
When you enroll in this self study course, you'll get:
  • ​30 audios (average 9 mins long) that take you through a daily grounding process and lesson
  • A workbook with key initial and check in exercises to help you get the most success from the program
  • ​A Calendar Guide with each 30 day lesson theme mapped out
  • ​My systematic, three phase process for beginning to heal your subtle body so you can feel truly grounded in your daily life
Boulder, CO
"This program has given me tools, exercises, and guidance in becoming more grounded in my body. 

 I can often get lost in my mental and emotional body, and with Leslie’s gentle and welcoming voice, I have felt myself shifting out of this mode of being into a more present and centered self. 

 I have noticed less overwhelm when anxiety sets in, and more confidence in myself when dealing with uncomfortable feelings. 

 I felt like Leslie was holding my hand all along the way, offering encouragement and empowerment. I highly recommend this course to empaths and those of us that have difficulty staying centered in the world.  "
Leslie Huddart L.Ac.
Leslie Huddart is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Spiritual Guide and Speaker who helps women create breakthroughs in their life, health and spiritual path, so they can live the life they were meant for.  Graduates of her self-mastery training find their true inner confidence, life purpose, bad-ass compassionate communication skills and a sense of soul alignment. 
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